He's hard up to see you

It was 1985.  Leg warmers and mullets were the rage.  Dick was hard up.  His big league plans had failed and opening a laid back bar full of attitude was all he could muster up the strength to do. Dick’s was really his last resort.

Thankfully, dick jokes became synonymous with good food & cold beers and the  first Dick’s Last Resort opened with huge success in the West End in Dallas, TX.

Dick’s traveled the world, partied with celebrities, had an ex-wife or two and opened a custom trailer home dealership too.

Dick delivered to the world & QVC many innovative technologies, contributed  to modern medicine and ghostwrote over fifty Top 10 radio hits.

In spite of all the fame and fortune, Dick longed to return to his roots, the place where he could be true to himself.   Is Dick real?  Hell yes.  Is he feisty?  More than ever.  Will you meet him?  Maybe.

Because Dick’s done dicking around.  Visit today to see what he’s been up to, taste his new menu and drinks and get a familiar helping of sarcasm.

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